Hardwood Mountain Preserve 

Consisting of 500+ acres, Hardwood Mountain Preserve is a combination of gentle mountains, rolling hills, fertile fields, heavily wooded valleys and 2 pristine creeks (Little Cain and Cheatwood Creeks). Hardwood Mountain borders the Talladega National Forest. The water is clean, the air mountain fresh, the wildlife abundant, and the stars still visible.  Rather than the typical 150 ft x 150 ft subdivision lot, what we are offering are larger parcels (4-90 acre) with less and gentler development. (Hardwood Mountain is not a subdivison!) If you’re needin’ paved city streets, city sewers, city water and city lights, with a Wal- Mart around the corner, well, this might not be the place for you. Of course power and phone, with high speed internet, are available. Cell reception is good, and the nearest Sprawl-Mart is only 35 Minutes away, the mall 30 minutes. (Oxford, AL)  Another nice feature at the "preserve" are the nature trails that run through out. There are 7 < > miles of these trails/paths for everyone's use and enjoyment. Hiking, biking and electric golf carts are welcome. (ATVs as well as any other gasoline vehicles are not allowed.) There are also 2 common areas available within the preserve. One has a pavilion with a large barbecue grill and tables for use. The second area is on the back side of the preserve and can be used for camping and such. Hardwood Mountain Preserve is an extra ordinary piece of unspoiled rural land and it is our hope and goal to keep it so.    (Covenant)

Located about half way between Atlanta and Birmingham, in Cleburne County Alabama, Hardwood Mountain Preserve is 8 ½ miles from the Ga. St. line, at the junction of Hwy 78 and County Road 61. (Aka Coleman Lake Rd.)  (Directions)

Hardwood Mountain Preserve has a wide variety of available properties, with parcels ranging from 4 to 90 acres.  Also available are a limited number  of ample bldg sites located directly on hwy 78 and Co. Rd. 61 (these lots are between 1 ¼ and 2 acres each).  

Looking at a heavily wooded piece of property can be a struggle. (Believe us, we know!) The property lines of Hardwood Mountain Preserve are clearly marked and accessible by cut walking trails. Many of the parcels also have cross trails to make viewing easier.    


IMPORTANT: Many of the available parcels in Hardwood Mountain Preserve are accessed by privately owned and maintained gravel roads.  (Road Maintenance)

It is to your advantage to contact us before visiting Hardwood Mountain Preserve. We have no sales staff, offices, or such. What we do have are maps, helpful advice, and someone who can show you around. Serious inquiries only, please!  (Contact Us)